August 14, 2020

Navigating the Risky Nigerian Transfer Pricing Regime in 2020

The Nigerian Transfer Pricing (TP) Regime has seen noteworthy improvements over the most recent couple of years, which have come about in TP at last getting one of the high-chance expense zones confronting Group Companies in Nigeria.

In the first place, there was the presentation and usage of the Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR) Regulations with huge authoritative punishments for rebelliousness. The CbCR Regulations guided the Regime into a period of remarkable straightforwardness that requires qualified Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) to unveil their key budgetary data and monetary exercises in the wards where they have impressions to impose specialists.

Second, the modified Nigeria TP Regulations (Revised Regulations) discharged in 2018 additionally presented soak authoritative punishments for rebelliousness just as some petulant arrangements.

Third, there has been some hostile execution of parts of the Revised Regulations, for example, the review use of regulatory punishments for non-recording of TP returns for bookkeeping years preceding the beginning of the Revised Regulations.

At long last, there has been expanded number of TP debates lately.

All the above advancements, among others, have added to making TP one of the most elevated duty hazard zones, subsequently making it vital for citizens to have an unmistakable TP procedure to explore this unsafe landscape loaded with entanglements.

This article investigations how best citizens can explore their TP dangers to empower them center around their individual center organizations

Ensuring full compliance with TP requirements

2019 saw countless citizens being punished for rebelliousness with either the CbCR Regulations, the Revised Regulations or both. A portion of the punishments, particularly the review punishments for late recording of TP Returns ran into several millions for some Group Companies. Consequently, being completely consistent with the two arrangements of Regulations has gotten to a greater degree a need.

Being completely agreeable implies that a citizen ought to have:

(I) documented all TP Returns (TP Declaration and TP Disclosure Forms) for every significant year opportune;

(ii) arranged yearly TP Documentation contemporaneously (for example arranged before the due date of documenting the personal government forms for the time of intrigue) and fit to be submitted inside 21 days of accepting a solicitation;

(iii) if pertinent, told the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) of which Group element will be liable for getting ready and presenting the CbC Report to the significant expense authority; and

(iv) if appropriate, arranged the CbC Report and submitted to the FIRS on schedule.

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